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The author of over thirteen books, Luciferian Ideology, Magick practitioner, researcher, artist and musician Michael W. Ford is the author of numerous left hand path books including NECROMINON - Egyptian Sethanic Magick, DRAGON OF THE TWO FLAMES - Demonic Magick and the Gods of Canaan, MASKIM HUL - Babylonian Magick, LUCIFERIAN WITCHCRAFT, THE BIBLE OF THE ADVERSARY, LIBER HVHI - MAGICK OF THE ADVERSARY, GATES OF DOZAK - BOOK OF THE WORM, SATANIC MAGICK - A PARADIGM OF THERION, FIRST BOOK OF LUCIFERIAN TAROT, BEGINNING LUCIFERIAN MAGICK, BOOK OF THE WITCH MOON, ADAMU, MAGICK OF THE ANCIENT GODS - Chthonic Paganism and the Left Hand Path, RITES OF THE ANTICHRIST - Art of the Adversary, AKHKHARU - Vampyre Magick with many more articles and out of print titles.

MICHAEL W. FORD has been a practicing Luciferian/Satanist for over 17 years. Mr. Ford's path has led him through an initiatory system which has both inspired and changed the life for many individuals. Originally focused on obscure, "hit and run" left hand path booklets Ford's approach to magick was from a luciferian point of view. Soon after, the demand for his works sky rocketed and Luciferian Witchcraft was published. Soon after, the obscure and hard to get published "Book of the Witch Moon" was published in a final edited edition to numerous acclaim. With the further development of THE ORDER OF PHOSPHORUS, Ford understood his role was changing and he would have to adapt from solitary practitioner to someone who could explain a growing ideology which is totally separate from Judeo-Christian and modern ceremonial magick structures. The Bible of the Adversary drew together the trans-cultural perspective of the various aspects of the luciferian spirit, utilizing various workings which would allow the adept to enter the depths of darkness and ascend with the wisdom gained via the experience.
Magus Akhtya Dahak, Michael W. Ford in ritual chamber.
A Luciferian, Yatukih magickian, Michael has work in the areas of Luciferian Witchcraft, Left Hand Path magick, Yatuk-Dinoih or ancient Persian sorcery, Typhonian Magick, Hellenic - Near Eastern (Chaldean/Babylonian) Magick, Chaos Sorcery, Nocturnal Spiritual Vampyrism and more. Ford has also founded the Black Order of the Dragon and The Order of Phosphorus, currently presiding as Magus over both orders. Mr. Ford lives currently in Texas. Michael has over 16 years experience with the luciferian ideology, philosophy, demonology, mythology as a working system of inner faith.. Appearing in several paranormal magazines and features, Mr. Ford continues to expand the thought and concepts around left hand path magick and theory and application of workings to improve and impact the life of those who seek the Adversarial path.

Michael W. Ford lists Charles Pace as one of his primary sources of inspiration, he is writing an Egyptian-Sethanic ritual book and basic biography of Pace and his works currently. In addition, Ford mentions Austin Osman Spare, Kenneth Grant, Anton Szandor Lavey, Nietzsche and Aleister Crowley as basic "teachers" and adds there are many others.

Michael continues his spiritual workings, development of luciferianism and has a deep interest in the authenticity of ritual practice from the ancient near east with Canaanite, Egyptian, Persian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Sumerian with a foundation of Hellenic-Greek gods. Mr. Ford is the presiding Magus and High Priest of The Order of Phosphorus and The Black Order of the Dragon.

You may contact Mr. Ford @ akhtya75 @ yahoo. com


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